The Guided Meditions Seasons App combines a mindful relaxation and four seasonal guided meditations

Guided Meditations provides a body and mind relaxation meditation and four seasonal meditational journeys. Each seasonal meditation takes you on a guided journey that describes some of the features of the four seasons Summer, Autumn/Fall, Winter and Spring. Narration is clearly presented in English with a female Australian accent. Soft calming music is played in the background with some occasional sound effects to create atmosphere. You can choose a seasonal journey to play automatically after the mind and body Relaxation track via the Sequence option.

Track 1 ... Relax
"Focus on breathing slowly, breath the fresh air slowly in and then slowly out again."

Track 2 ... Spring
"Walking through the soft green grass you notice a patch of wild flowers."

Track 3 ... Summer
"When you reach the end of the path you find yourself facing a beautiful deserted island beach."

Track 4 ... Fall
"Sunlight filters through the trees, enhancing the different shades of the colorful red, yellow and brown autumn leaves."

Track 5 ... Winter
"Walking through the snow you hear the crunch of the soft powdery snow beneath your feet."

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Available for iPad


The Guided Meditions Seasons App has been developed for the iPad and can be purchased from the iTtunes Store. Simply tap the button below.


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